Week 8! NHS Couch to 5K

I feel great!

28 minutes runs! Get in there!

Each run is still tough. It’s a struggle. But the after feeling is fantastic. Every time 60 seconds left I get rocket shoes and get up to a near sprint at the end.

I haven’t been doing these podcasts regularly. Things have gotten in the way. But I’ve been doing them and I’ve completed each one!

When telling my friend he said “Why didn’t you do 30 minutes!?”. I thought this myself, I could do another 2 minutes! It’s only 2 minutes! But that’s what comes next and only once Week 8 is finished.

I’m still amazed at the progress I have made. I started this not being able to run for 3 minutes. I never thought I’d be able to run for 28 minutes. My pace isn’t bad either. 11/12 minutes miles! That’s good. I use MapMyFitness phone app to record the section I am running to get stats about speed and calories.

It is very important to me that I keep running. I don’t want to lose this new fitness I have. I don’t want to give it up because I know I will quickly decrease to being unable to run for very long again. I shall keep this up after completing and I shall keep my new stamina. Not only that but I want to improve! I want to up my speed! Faster, harder, fitter!

Bring on Week 9! Stay tuned for the final of my NHS Couch to 5K Experience!


  1. Hi! I’m Francesca-lucy, I stumbled upon your blog by chance and I’d been following your blog about the NHS couch to 5k plan and it was what got me started on it myself! I’m on week 5 at the moment and it’s been great reading your blog as I know what to expect as the weeks go on for me! I was just wondering if you had completed it because there’s not post for Week 9?


    • Hi Francesca-Lucy! That’s so lovely to hear! I’m really pleased that you’re doing it too and my blog has helped. I have only completely 2 out of 3 runs for Week 9 due to not having enough time to go for a run! I’ve been very busy unfortunately or it’s been too hot. However I feel like I have already completed it by doing 2 runs I just didnt want to write the blog post until I’ve done all 3. The next chance I get I will be going for my final 30 minute run of the podcasts! And I shall definitely keep running afterwards too. How are you finding it? Ruth


  2. Wow that’s amazing! I’ve just finished Week 5 – having my rest day and then on to week 6 at the weekend! I’m scared that if I take more rest days off running than I need, I’l lose the motivation, but I totally understand – it’s SO hot at the moment! It’s been nice to read about your progress, especially since you’ve been refreshingly honest about everything :] Good luck for when you do that final run of Week 9!


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