About Me

When I was about 7 years old I remember walking home from school talking to my Mum… she’d sent me to school in a straight skirt for the first time and I was telling her how it was stupid, and that every time I tried to run it restricted my legs. As I showed her the skirt split up the back.

I never wore a skirt to school again.

I spent my school breaks running around, playing outside, hanging upside down from the bars, doing whatever the boys did.

My Mum was a Cub Leader and then Assistant Scout Leader and I was fortunate enough to go along and watch and join in before girls were official allowed in Scouts.

My family would go on caravan holidays in the UK and we’d spend our days walking, exploring and enjoying the outdoors.

A love of animals and the outdoors has been in me since I can remember and from school I attended Reaseheath College to study Animal Management where I made friends with some of the Outdoor Adventure students as well of my fellow Animal Management students.

I learnt to drive at 17 and spent my spare time climbing and walking. With Scouts I went camping, hiking, canoeing… I learnt how to tie knots, how to work with others and developed leadership skills.

I grew up with our family dog and then when the time was right I got my own puppy, Guinness, a Border Collie and then 8 years later a Working Cocker Spaniel, Zebby.

I met my boyfriend (now fiance) through Scouts and our mutual love of adventure meant we spent many weekends camping and walking.

After university Ash started working on a farm and we were lucky enough to move in to a farm house in the middle of nowhere. Our life is now even more emerged in the wonderful countryside.

However as life went on my fitness reduced, and while walking up Scafell Pike in 2014 it really hit home how unfit I was.

It wasn’t until 4 years later when I really pulled my finger out and found a love for something I never thought I’d get along with… running!

I followed the Couch to 5k program, and then, I just kept running. I found a love for trails. I found a love for how far I could go. I found a love for plodding along in the great outdoors. And slowly… my body started to change. Not in shape (although my legs are bigger yet firmer), but in ability. I could walk up a hill and be slightly out of breath but not dying. I could keep walking for longer without aching. I was becoming fitter than some of my friends.

Two years on and my running has helped me to complete two half marathons, the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge and the national Three Peaks Challenge, and given me a real thirst for more.

The adventures are only just beginning.