Featured Walk: Llangoed to Puffin Island and Aberlleiniog Castle

Before you start reading this let me just warn you that this is not a detailed step by step walk guide. It’s a vague description of the walk we took with lots of photographs, so unlikely that you’ll be able to follow this alone if you venture out on the same route. However hopefully it gives you a good insight into a nice walk on Anglesey.

From our holiday cottage just on the outskirts of Llangoed it was a short walk to join the coastal path. Off we headed in the direction of Puffin Island, following the clear blue signs.


The coastal path signs are pretty easy to spot and follow the whole way. We just kept walking and quite soon we were getting glimpses of the sea to our left.


The terrain varies from rough tracks to roads to farm fields to bush and woodland and boardwalk. It really is an ever-changing walk.

The best bit is about 1 hour in when you pass a few farm buildings and into a big open pasture with stunning views of the sea and Puffin Island.



Remember to keep your dog on a lead when there is livestock around, no matter how well trained they are there’s no point risking it.


Puffin Island stays in view for most of the way now and just keep following the coastal path towards it. Quite soon you will see the lighthouse too.

The last stretch is road and then there you are… the beach!


The spot was very busy with motor homes and people. I was rather confused as to if there was an actual campsite here or if they’d just rocked up, parked on the grass verges and set up camp. It’s a little chaotic but nothing too extreme considering it was a sunny weekend.

The cafe is worth a visit for an ice-cream and we spied some huge cream teas being served.

Onwards! From Puffin Island we followed the road up and downhill to Penmon Dovecot, keeping on the coastal path further around Anglesey rather than turning back the way we had come.


Penmon Dovecot and the well are certainly worth a stop and look at.

The coastal path follows a long stretch of road now with no pavement. Take care as there’s some bad bends on narrow country lanes. The would-be-tedious pavement bashing is made enjoyable by the gorgeous views across the Menai Strait to the main land along the way.


As we reached the next town and the road curved sharply right we headed onto Lleiniog Beach and wandered across the sand, giving Guinness a welcomed run off-lead.


Back onto the road again for a short stretch before turning right onto a wide path sign-posted for Llangoed. After a few hours and about 5 miles we were now on the homeward stretch!



We followed the pleasant woodland paths for Llangoed and decided to take the detour off to see Aberlleiniog Castle.


It’s a lovely ruin of a motte & bailey castle, which brought back a lot of memories from primary school! Can’t beat a good motte and bailey.




We paused for a welcome sit down in the shade before briefly pretending to be archers through the tower windows then headed back down and continued along to Llangoed.


By early evening we were back in Llangoed and home to the holiday cottage. 7 miles in total! On the map it looks like a huge distance but 7 miles really isn’t that far.

It was a very enjoyable walk with lovely views and great features along the way. We only needed to consult the map a few times and it was well sign posted throughout. Highly recommended!


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