A Sunny Walk

I always enjoy getting outside with my dog but especially so if it’s nice and sunny. This week I had an afternoon off, it was glorious weather and we got out for an early afternoon stroll.


When I walk my dog I like to have some fun with him and do a bit of training. I’ll do recalls through my legs and get him to coming running and jump up at me. I’ll roll a treat along the floor in the opposite direction to which we’re walking and as he’s chasing that I set off sprinting in the other direction.

We’ll do spins, high fives, nose touches, weave round my legs, all the tricks we know!


This makes the walk more fun for everyone! It gives the dog some mental stimulation as well as physical exercise and increases your bond together. It also means that the dog is with you and not running off somewhere, chasing a dog and ignoring you.

Don’t ignore your dog while out for a walk as they will just ignore you!


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