Back With A Bang

After barely being home from a week away in Cornwall today I trundled off to Dig It for their final Summer Can You Dig It Show.


It was going to be a relaxing day focusing on Guinness (didn’t I say that for the last show) and generally helping here and there.

Beginners Agility was quite a tricky course with rear crossing the dogwalk being the best option. We haven’t done this before and the last time I tried to rear cross the A Frame he spun around and came back down, but we managed completely fine today. I filmed the first run and he didn’t seem to falter so I’m pleased. A tunnel under the dogwalk was nice to see but then a change of direction away from you with the tunnel and dogwalk in your way was very tough. We managed it okay although eliminated in our first run, we managed 1st place for our second run! Hurrah!

1234713_10153231349375578_1943491404_nBeginners Jumping was nice and flowing and we had a good run with a pole on the first run and a couple of poles for the second.

Steeplechase finished the day off really nicely with a beautifully fast, flowing, circular course with no change of direction. Just how a steeplechase should be! I still managed to run like a girl but we pulled off a great round and came 1st!


Two firsts! I’m then told we must move up to Intermediate for the Dig It Winter Series. Gosh! We are ready for it and would definitely benefit from training weaves over winter, but still a daunting prospect as we haven’t managed a proper Kennel Club Show yet. But that will all change in October for Oswestry KC Show!


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