G1-3 Agility Training Exercise

So after TAG there was a particular section of the G1-3 Agility course that I really wanted to revisit. The seesaw, long jump, 2 jumps to tunnel sequence. I saw a lot of people handle the two jumps as a pin wheel, staying on one side to pull around the near wing and through the gap.

I prefered to handle it as two front crosses as I did, taking the dog around the far wing which stayed to their natural path and avoided the problem of pulling through the gap, however leaving the tunnel quite open.

However…  I was SOO late to front cross and it didn’t run smoothly at all.

Therefore, to work it from behind and still keep to the dogs natural line, while also pushing for tight turns… Serpentine handling!

A serpentine isn’t just three jumps in a row, it is any sequence of three obstacles.

We had a go today! (But without the long jump and tunnel). Training it up from jumps on small, and look how smooth it handles! Success! I had to pause to bring him over the second jump but I still got a good distance ahead once he was committed. However… we didn’t have the tunnel there or the long jump. By handling from behind I am leaving the tunnel wide open, but it’s doable with the right training and commands.

I think this way is quicker, however I should have timed both ways today during training! D’oh.

Woop! It’s great to take away little sections from courses and work on them. If you’re not happy with how you handled something, or you’d like to try it another way, make a note and then go and do it!

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