On Yer Bike!

I’ve half-heartedly been trying to get fit for a while, and whether he likes it or not Guinness has been coming along for the ride.

This weekend we were on it! Saturday I dusted off my bike after a month or so and we headed for the Saltline. Surprisingly it wasn’t too busy for a sunny weekend and we were mostly undisturbed. I love how Guinness gallops along ahead of me, I just wish I didn’t loose puff so quickly!


It was rather warm, plus he’d found a smelly black swamp along the way, so I gave him a swim in the lake before we headed home.

20150530_121408Then on Sunday we hit the pavement for a jog… or more of a quick trot for Guinness. My pace is so slow he doesn’t even break into a run, but constant trotting for a mile is still good for him.

The waistband-harness-thing that I bought from Crufts last year is the best thing that I ever got! It’s so comfortable to wear and it’s much nicer running hands free. Plus for the last stretch I sprint with Guinness pulling me along. GO GO GO GO!

IMG_1138A good weekend! I find it so much easier to exercise with Guinness alongside me. I’m terrible at cardio but he does provide some motivation, plus he doesn’t judge me when I stop for a break.

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