Never have time to train your dog? I have the perfect solution!

Meal time = Training time


Look at how many pieces of food there is in one serving (depending on how big your dog is of course). That’s a whole lot of treats to give, and a few treats per behaviour means a huge opportunity to train your dog.

Anyone who just plonks the food bowl down for their dog or asks for a mere sit and wait is missing out. Your dog is hungry right, and I bet they get excited once they hear their bowl or special food tub, so you’ve got a great big reward to use at your finger tips!

You might only ask for one or two behaviours and use half or the whole meal as a huge jackpot reward, such as a send to bed or settle on their bed while you get the food ready. Or you could work on something that your dog doesn’t like and turn it into a good thing, such as opening their mouth to check their teeth or inspecting under their belly.


It only takes a few minutes out of your routine. I personally use meal time to do 5-10 minutes of fitness exercises with Guinness, vitally important to keep them in tip-top condition if you’re doing any kind of sport with your dog.

If you’re stuck for ideas check out this guest post I wrote listing my Top 5 Favourite Tricks:
Also pop down to your local library and grab a book on dog tricks, or have a browse of the internet. Make sure the trainer and tips you follow use positive methods only.

Let me know what you’re going to do with your dogs next meal time! I’m always mega excited to hear what people are up to and what behaviours they are teaching their dog. Drop a comment on this post or send me an email.


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