This morning a notification popped up on my phone telling me that lots of folk were tweeting about #NationalDogDay (don’t you just love technology)!

Who knew! There’s a day for dogs?!


It’s hardly surprising that man’s best friends has got a day of their own, after all 24% of households have a dog!

From reading the info on NationalDogDay.com the day was founded 11 years ago by an American lady, Colleen Paige, to raise awareness about the number of homeless dogs in shelters and rescue centres, plus to celebrate how amazing dogs are, from service dogs to every day family companions.

It can’t be a bad thing to devote one day to these fantastic animals that many of us share our lives with. Even those of you who don’t have a dog are likely to benefit from one in some way, be it a police dog, bomb sniffer dog at airports or a medical detection dog, dogs can have an incredible and positive effect on our livelihoods.

I’m enjoying scrolling through twitter and seeing all of the fabulous photographs of happy dogs so far, plus it’s nice to see charities and companies using the day to promote sensible advice as well as sharing some amazing stories.

Even the papers are jumping on board with Manchester Evening News, Daily Post and Chronicle Live encouraging us to share photographs and videos of our dogs.

So do something fun today and celebrate National Dog Day. Even if you just give your dog an extra 10 minutes running around the field, take a short drive to that best dog walking spot, or give them a big juicy bone, enjoy National Dog Day with your dog!

Here’s a short selection of my favourite #NationalDogDay tweets so far!


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