New car set up!

I’m so excited! Last night I finally collected and fitted my new car set up.


After a few months of looking around and contemplating whether to have a divide or not, get a removable box/crate type or a built in system I decided to go for a tailguard, divide and dog guard.

I spent the last month or so scrolling through facebook sale groups and keeping an eye on the agilitynet fleamarket while trying to decided how long to leave it before I bite the bullet and buy it new (£550 though)! Luckily a barjo full set for my car popped up on agilitynet a couple of weeks ago! £250! Plus a boot liner included as extra and the offer of help installing it! Bonus!

Last night in the dark I rocked up to Telford and lovely Kim (who was selling it) pretty much fitted it in on her own while I stood and watched, trying to remember how it all goes in.

Picture (4)

The dog guard that fits behind the rear seats is never something I’ve needed for Guinness but it’s a necessity to keep the divide in place, plus it will keep dog hairs off the seats and should I need to transport another dog at all it will keep them contained in one unit.

Picture (5)

Guinness has loads of room (he’s chosing to be quite far foward in this photo) and I can throw all my other bits and bobs in the other side and they wont fall on him (no more bungee strapping everything up) and it keeps the back seats clear!

One thing I said when I got this bigger car was that I don’t want to be throwing loads of crap all over my back seats or having to move everything whenever I had a couple of passengers, like I had to do with the Astra.  Voilà!

Picture (7)

The next step is tinted windows to give more privacy plus a bit of sun protection and roof bars for the roof box and my bike.

Happy days!!

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