A quiet weekend away

Me, Ash and Guinness have just crash landed back home after a lovely few days away in Aberystwyth.

I’ve got lots to share including photos, three great walk routes plus a little review of the dog-friendly holiday cottage we stayed at.

But for now, its time to unpack so I’ll just leave you with a few quick mobile snaps!




I hope you had a great weekend.


      • You’re welcome! Can I ask where exactly it was taken? I know you’ll be covering it in another post but I’m really quite curious.


      • Thank you so much! I’ll have to take a look. Been a student here in Aberystwyth for 2 years now but haven’t really explored the surroundings much.


      • Ah right, cool. There’s some great spots coming in the next three walks I talk about. You should make the most of it while you’re there. Hope you’re enjoying your course.


      • Yeah I am thanks and can’t wait. I’ve only recently got in to photography and as a result exploring, so those walks should provide a lot of inspiration. Just need to hope the sun comes out again, been grey and wet recently.


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