Featured Walk: Panorama trail from the arch


After our quick adventure around Devils Bridge we headed to a spot on the map labelled The Arch. Just the other side of the arch is a small Natural Resources Wales car park with a notice board, picnic bench and signs for three different walks.

(If you haven’t seen my post about Devils Bridge go check it out here).


We opted for the red panorama trail. As soon as you step away from the road its safe for dogs to be off lead (as long as they’re under control of course). There is one forestry road to cross later on but I’ll shout out when we get there.

The walk starts off by winding gently upwards through the forest. It’s not too steep, just a gentle climb that I coped with okay. Thankfully there was no repeat of the struggle I had at Devils Bridge.

Before long you start to leave the trees behind and are blessed with the most beautiful views! Almost 360 degrees of hills, fields, mountain ranges and the coast. Stunning.



We were so lucky with the weather and stopped on a conveniently placed bench for lunch, which included some of the Welsh cakes from our holiday cottage welcome gift.

Then as you follow the path gently downwards you begin to approach the forestry road. It’s a good idea to grab your dog as you cross over, although we saw no vehicles going along it while we were sat up top there’s no point risking it, especial when it comes to big logging wagons like the one you can see parked up in one of the photographs.


The red signs are really easy to follow as you wind your way through more forest, down some steps and alongside a little brook.

Past the brook you start to climb slightly uphill again and you’re now approaching the road. You can just about see it up above the path. This is the road that the arch is on and the footpath comes out alongside it, so its best to get your dog on a lead nice and early.

Before long you’re back at the arch!


It takes about an hour and a half, maybe a little more depending how much you stop along the way. It would be a shame not to pause and take in the expanse of views at the top, plus of course we played in the little stream, so all in all it was a nice, leisurely walk in a secluded spot. Despite the car park being full we didn’t see anyone on the entire walk until we reached the end. Just what you need!


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