Flat out

Wow it’s been a busy day! I’ve vlogged today so I don’t want to talk about it too much, but I’ve walked 10.5 miles in total and I didn’t go for a hike anywhere.

I spent this morning judging Beginners, & Veteran/Anysize Agility at Dig It Dogs Winter Series. I try to judge at least once a year as it’s one way of giving something back to Dig It for everything the club does for me and offers me.

I was quite pleased with my course on paper and loved it in real life. It flowed super nice and there were a couple of different handling options available. It was great to watch different handlers making different choices and it’s always promising to see beginners thinking through the options and pulling off some good moves with their dogs.


I ran it with Guinness before the show opened and it was just one of those runs that felt effortless. He flew round and took every signal I gave him, independently driving to the end of the dog walk and for each tunnel entrance.

To be fair the jumps were on medium… but still, it was just so smooth and easy. I wish I had caught it on film!

Anyway come back tomorrow night to see the whole day in my vlog. I spent my evening doing something a little different!

Todays trick of the day reflects my current mood…


Lie flat!

Flat is a settle behaviour. A relax behaviour. But it’s also the key behaviour for play day, often know as a “bang”!

You know… when you pretend to shoot your dog and they fall flat on the floor. Well this is the falling flat on the floor part!

Anyway it’s great fun and can have many different uses, plus the movement itself uses different muscles and from a flat you can teach a roll over, which will be coming later on in Blogmas.

It’s time for me to lie flat now and go to bed. I hope you’ve had a fun week and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. We never really give much thought to how these “tricks” exercise a dog mentally and physically. Great to have a toolkit of things you can do on a really wet day or one if the handler or owner is ill.

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