Woof-Box Monthly Subscription Box


It’s been a while since I tried a monthly subscription box for dogs and after hearing about Woof-Box I thought I’d give a different company a chance.

I ordered a gift box to ensure a one-off order, rather than signing up to a monthly plan and then having to cancel it. I’d like to think that what you get in the gift boxes is a reflection of what you can expect from each month on subscription. (In case you don’t know you sign up to a monthly payment plan and get delivered a goody box stuffed full of dog products each month).

I’m instantly a bigger fan of Woof-Box as they have some brands I’m familiar with; Lilly’s Kitchen & Fish4Dogs to name a few. However I’m still not sure these subscription boxes are worth the monthly investment.

Sure the treats are great and useful and I quite like the ball as it’s a cage type, which is better for them to run and pick up, but seriously… a pink elephant thing?! (However it’s actually been one of his favourite since he got it.)

They’re all good, usable and practical products and the quality and brands seem very good, but I don’t need to spend £15+ a month on some new biscuits and toys when he already has an abundance of toys and he doesn’t eat that many treats. I’ve got loads left from the box still, but on the flip side that does mean you’re getting a good amount for your money. The biscuit treats are just way too cute also, they look like human digestives! Not that the dog appreciates this.

I suppose it all depends on your budget and how much chews and toys you dog gets through. Perhaps if you have more than 1 dog!

While subscription boxes may not be for me I’d definitely sway for a Woof-Box over a Pawsomebox, but there’s more out there that I haven’t tried yet.








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