August Favourites

I LOVE favourite posts. I love reading them and I have always wanted to write them. As this blog is going to have a bit more of a lifestyle theme about it I’m going to start writing favourite posts again, split into dog and human products. So let’s jump right in!

Rip Curl Tofino Hoodie


I have been living in this hoodie this month. UK summers can be a little up-and-down and this hoodie is perfect for those days when it’s not quite warm enough for a t-shirt but too warm for a big jumper. It’s not very thick  and so comfy and baggy, but still looks quite feminine. I normally wear it with a vest top or plain t-shirt underneath and pair with some shorts or skinny jeans.



It’s taken me a few weeks to get along with these vans, you know what it’s like when you buy a new pair of shoes and they don’t quite feel like yours at first. But now I’ve got them right they are my go to pair of trainers! I wore them for a day to the zoo recently and they were so so comfy and I think they look really good with a pair of blue denim skinny jeans. I do prefer chunky-tongue-style skate shoes over these sleeker canvas shoes, but I think these look pretty smart casual and as I said, they’re really comfy.

Exfoliating Soap


My friend brought me this for my birthday and it’s lovely. I love using a bar of soap, I don’t know why but there’s something more satisfying about using proper soap than a puff with shower gel. It’s got a lovely fresh scent and I would describe it as a medium/gentle exfoliating soap, which I much prefer to the rough ones, I don’t like feeling like my skin is being scraped off. Problem is I can not find this soap to buy anywhere! It says it’s made in Italy and there’s a lot of foreign writing on it, so if you do ever see this for sale in the UK let me know in the comments.

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

I was picking up some new tassimo thingies as they were offer in the supermarket and decided to give this one a go. If I’m working from home I tend to get up for a quick break and make a coffee at around 10.30am and I have been loving this coffee. It creates a nice level of froth on the top, similar to the columbo coffees, and it tastes like coffee.. don’t know what else to say about it really other than it’s a yes from me!

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg


You may already know but I really enjoy watching Zoella vlogs and reading her blog posts, but I’ve been a little unsure about trying her books in case I didn’t enjoy them. I know they’re designed for a teenage audience and I normally prefer to read crime, thriller and horror stories so these aren’t my usual reads. However surprisingly I really enjoyed both the first and the second book! I took the first book with me when I was working away for 3 days and read it over the course of two evenings in a hotel room. I’m really looking forward to her third book coming out now.

Daydreamer Notebook from Sainsbury’s


I love stationary (I mean c’mon, what blogger doesn’t) and having changed jobs recently I’ve found myself going through a lot of notebooks as I’ve been taking down lots of downs and finding what sort of organisation system works best for me. I’m not normally a fan of hardback, book style notebooks as I can find them tricky to write on both sides, especially when you’re quickly trying to scribble notes in the car or without a table. However this one is AWESOME. It stays open well and is easy to write on both sides and the spine is still going strong. Although I sway more for the ring binders they tend to fall apart pretty easily or if you have two of them next to each other in a bag then they get all tangled up in some crazy notepad romance session which just leads to one of them breaking. So well done Sainsbury’s (or whoever made this and provided it to Sainsbury’s), your notepad wins.

90s Childhood playlist

I’ve been reminiscing recently and really enjoying listening to all of the indie/pop/rock music I used to love as a teenage. As a 1990 child Sum 41, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Green Day and the likes made up the soundtrack of my high school years. I’ve thrown in some cheesy pop classic in there as well and me and Ash were singing our hearts out to Ricky Martin the other week!

Ice Age 


We were searching for a film to put on the other week and I grabbed this off the shelf and we laughed our heads off! I have seen this film so many times but it has been long enough to really enjoy it again and it really is hilarious. We could quote it line from line in some parts and were actually chuckling before things had happened because we knew what was coming, but still highly enjoying it regardless. I not a film critique but I think this is one of the wittiest and funniest kids films for adults to watch.

I’ve been getting into the autumn and winter vibe recently and I’m wondering if this is what kicked it all off!

Hollings Pork Strings


These treats arrived in the Woof-Box subscription box I ordered recently and I’ve found myself reaching for them quite regularly when I want a quick chewy treat for Guinness. They’re long enough and chewy enough to take a bit of time to each but not a real mammoth treat.

JW Holee Squeakin Treat Ball


Another one from the Woof-Box (perhaps these subscription box things aren’t so bad after all). I don’t use this ball for treats but it has been great for playing with in the house, garden or down the fields! Yes, that’s right, I took a toy with us down the fields for the first time since Guinness’ injury. We were very careful and he was fine, but the reason why I took this ball is I can still throw it quite well but because of the cage type section and the size it is a bit easier for him to pick up while running. It’s the sharp stops and turns that are likely to cause injury and constantly throwing a ball for a dog can cause stress on their joints. I wouldn’t say there are no risk injuries with using this but I just felt like it was a little safer for him to run and grab than a tennis ball or frisbee. Plus he loves chewing it and making it squeak.

Scruffychops Zest in Show Shampoo

14079534_10157340668935578_6962783081872496548_n (1)

August saw Guinness getting his first bath of 2016 and I decided to try out the Scruffychops Zest in Show shampoo which I had kindly been gifted at a blogging event with Holland & Barrett. I was a little worried this shampoo would smell too strong, as although it’s lovely I really don’t think dogs want to be smelling like citrus, especially with how strong their noses are. I was pleased to notice though after I had bathed Guinness he doesn’t really smell of it and instead just smells and feels clean. This is probably a bit of a let down to the people who do want their dogs to smell of fruit, but I’d prefer no scent. It’s a nice enough shampoo and he’s had no itching or reaction from it. I only bath Guinness when he is really grubby or stinky.



Okay, the instagram and facebook ads got me, up they kept popping with talk of syncing with your dog with images of a fitbit and a fitbark. I’ve previously tried a dog fitness tracker and while I found the activity tracking useful the product itself was a bit pants, with bluetooth connectivity and battery issues. The fitbark is sooo much better, with really quick connection and long battery life. I love seeing how much Guinness has got up to on a day to day basis and it’s brilliant to get an idea of what he is doing when I’m not at home. I’m going to review this product properly on my blog soon so keep your eyes peeled if you want to know more.

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