New life

​It’s the 1st of February and I’m so excited because today I saw my first lamb! I’ve been scouring the fields for days as I knew they’d be here soon, plus we’re expecting calves on the farm any day now. 

Often Autumm is one of the most popular seasons with bloggers; with the orange and red colours, layers, candles and wrapping up with a warm drink while Christmas approaches. However I realised today that this is my favourite time of year. It may still be cold, gloomy and muddy everywhere, but spring is on it’s way. New life is starting to emerge and each evening it’s a little bit lighter. It won’t be long before I’ll be able to walk Guinness in the light after work. 

I’m especially excited that this is our first summer on the farm. It seems like such a perfect time to have moved in here because I can explore and experience new life coming with spring in this new place. I can’t wait to see the countryside and wildlife around here blooming.

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