Summer on the farm

Summer is an odd month… Spring is when new life appears and blossoms and then Summer is when life is just… well… here! The trees are full. The wildlife is dancing & having fun. Nuts and berries start to appear. And generally everything is just happy and warm. 
I’ll be honest I’m not a huge fan of the heat so summer isn’t my favourite month, but we’ve only had a few weeks of mega heatwaves so its mostly been pleasant and dry. What I do love is the light mornings and evenings as you can get out and enjoy more of the day outside.

On the farm jobs such as silaging take priority to ensure there is enough feed for winter and the crazy calfing season take a momentary pause as all of the spring calfs are weaned on to grass and left to amuse themselves in the fields. There’s never a quiet day though with plenty of work to be done.

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