Cannock Chase 10k for Border Collie Trust GB

Its an absolute controversy that HS2 is running through Border Collie Trust GB property, leaving them with no choice but to relocate, which is going to cost a lot of money.

This is a charity close to my home and close to my heart, therefore I am pushing myself to run Cannock Chase 10K in August in aid of Border Collie Trust GB.

I was lucky to have Guinness as a puppy from a wonderful breeder, but there are many many Border Collies that aren’t so fortunate as to stay with their first owners. That’s where Border Collie Trust GB step in and help those collies to find a new, loving home and to help people to understand this complicated and sensitive breed.

Ever since I’ve had Guinness collies have been close to my heart and something about them just clicked with me. I love them as a breed. I get them.

Therefore the second I heard about the major issue HS2 is causing Border Collie Trust GB I knew I needed to help somehow. So here I am, attempting to run much much further than I have ever ran before for a good cause.

Your donations would mean a lot to me and will keep me motivated to train and get round the course. Run, walk or crawl I will complete the 10k for Border Collie Trust GB. Please also share their story to spread awareness of this charities need for help.

Thank you.

Check out the full Border Collie Trust story here

and visit their website for more information about what they do.


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