50 Shades of Green colour run

I’ve never been sure about Colour Runs as I don’t like being unable to breath (well who does really?!), but you know what I mean, that feeling when you’re choking, when your face is covered by something and you can’t escape.

But when my best friend asked me about going along to a local one that is celebrating the 50th birthday of Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, well I couldn’t say no.

We arrived at Chasewater and picked up our free t-shirt and sunglasses (which I absolutely LOVE!) then milled around while a live band played, before joining in with the warm up.


It was quite a small crowd which was a little disappointing, but compared to the big colour runs in Manchester this was quite a small event.

They set the walkers off at 10.20am, then the runners at 10.35am, then a disabled group set off behind us for a shorter route.

Quickly we were running through the first paint station, and it wasn’t so bad at all! The powder was very fine and I couldn’t really taste it or even feel it on my face.



The sun had come out and I was struggling a little with tight calves (most likely thanks to the large cider I had the night before) but we kept a nice steady pace. It was a lovely route around the lake.

We reached the 2nd paint station and continued on, through a kissing gate and past some shorthorn cattle.


As we past 2 miles we reached paint station number 3 and had a good covering. Around the lake we continued then we were nearly there and the final paint station was coming up. A narrow route with lots of throwers! We were covered. So much fun.


We weren’t sure if we had finished there or not so carried on running back to the band. Hurrah. More paint stations en route would have been good, but what a nice run around the lake and a great laugh.

We were told to regroup back at the start in front of the live band where there would be a colour party with any left over paint at 12.30. I thought this time frame was a little out, but we were happy to mill around in the sunshine.

We were given packets of paint and people were already throwing theirs. We threw some to take photos then waited for the cue to do it together, but people were started to head home. I saw the organiser chatting to the band and they played the song we had been waiting for, Paint it Black!


Paint filled the air and we had a great time throwing it around and dancing. Marshals came round with the left over paint and we were completely covered.

It was brilliant!


What a blast. The paint powder was corn starch with food colouring and created a really fine mist. It didn’t really leave much taste in my mouth or get up my nose and I didn’t get that choking feeling.

After it was all over we tried to clean up as best as possible, got changed and went and had some diner at the lovely cafe.


That’s something ticked off my bucket list and I’d highly recommend it! It wasn’t any of the things I was worried about, but instead just a lot of fun.

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