A little life update

Hey, it feels like a long time since I just sat down and typed in here, without focusing on a topic per say, so I thought I’d write a little life update to share what’s going on at the moment.

The dogs

Guinness turned 10 this month. Double figures!! Whaaaaattt. It’s gone so fast. Thankfully he was given a clean bill of health at his recent vet check and despite some creaky joints is generally enjoying life.


I’ve really taken the pressure off myself and the boys recently in regards to training, especially Zebby. We go for nice walks, we do a bit of training here and there when I feel like and what I feel like. We do some gundog stuff but nothing serious, we do some agility (that is a little serious but there’s no pressure), we do some tricks, but again it’s nothing serious.

I definitely loose the enjoyment in things when I put too much pressure on myself so I’m learning to just try and keep it relaxed and fun.



Speaking of pressure, running is another thing that I’ve been working hard to keep the pressure off. Both of my close friends who started running around the same time or after me have achieved a sub 30 5k while I’m still bimbling along, struggling to make a 31:30 5k! However I can proudly say I don’t care… much… I guess I do care a little bit otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned it, but I genuinely have not dwelt on it at all for the past few months and I am actively not trying to reach it because it’s really not what I want to focus on.

At the moment I’m loosely following a half marathon plan leading up to my next one at the end of October, and I’ve been upping my hill sessions as training for the 3 Peaks but also as I want to do more trail races and trails normally equal hills.


Last week I ran just over 6 miles to my local parkrun, which was soooo cool!! I’ve always seen runners with backpacks on wondering where and how far they are going. And a few times I’ve drove past a runner while on my way to parkrun to then see them turn up just in time for the start, and then run off again after parkrun. I always wanted to be one of those “real” runners, and last week I did it. It was a really enjoyable run there with my would-be-mother-in-law and we timed it so that we had a little time to spare before the start of parkrun which took the stress off.

I’m hoping to run there and then run back soon which would be a total of 15 miles.


I’ve had quite a few races this month and I am finding I’m struggling a little bit with the hot weather, but I’ve just been taking each race as it comes and pushing hard if I feel up to it, or staying slow and just having a great chat with whoever I’m running with.

Running gives you quality time with people.


The 3 Peaks Challenge

Only 3 weeks to go!! Ahhhh. I’ve been doing so much planning and prep it feels a bit scary that it’s nearly here. Am I ready? Will I ever be ready?! Probably not. But I’m as ready as I can be and now I just want to get there and get going.

Please follow our facebook page and give us some support on the day: https://www.facebook.com/3peaksfor3charities/


The farm

Not much change here really, the chickens are going unemployed as from 5 hens we only get 1 or 2 eggs per day! However when we rehomed the battery hens we knew there was a chance they wouldn’t lay for ever and they’re still enjoyable to keep… even if they’re not earning their way!


We continue to make little tweaks and additions to the house as time and budget allows, but really the bulk of the renovations are done.

So far this year we’ve successfully grown some lettuce, potatoes and onions and we have beans, carrots and leek that seems to be on their way. There’s nothing better than taking a produce out of the garden and eating it that evening. The blackberries around the farm are starting to ripen too so I need to get picking and make a crumble as the one I did last year was delish (if I do say so myself).

There’s a lot of talk about farming in the media at the moment and it both interests me and frustrates me to hear all of the misconceptions there are about farming, especially when ours is one of the good ones, so I am going to try and share more about farming on my social media channels. While farming isn’t my job it is obviously a huge part of my life.


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