Less Is More


Yesterday I helped teach a Foundation Agility class and afterwards I had the arena for an hour. Because foundation exercises use no full equipment I had a blank canvase to get out only what I wanted, without majorly moving things around. 4 jumps, a tunnel, 12 weaves and the A frame is all I needed.

It is vital to work on small exercises with minimal equipment and personally I feel it makes training more directed and precise.

We need to work on 12 weaves and here I could practise different entries from jumps, or not, and driving out of a tunnel into weaves plus also weaving and driving into a tunnel.

Our A frame contact is a bit hit and miss so the A frame was out, although it would have been better in the middle. I could take a large run up and drive onto the aframe at speed and also run far off of it.

We worked for half an hour. Success.

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