Can You Dig It Winter Series

Well it’s been a while since I was at a show! December was the last time, I left Guinness at home while I judged the morning then went home at lunch time.

Today was a different kettle of fish. We were back baby! Well, almost.

I ring managed in the morning and brought Guinness with me, leaving him snoring in the car. Then for the afternoon I got him out a few times to have some fun in the exercise arena and work on our calmness and manners around the ring. Guinness hasn’t seen other dogs running agility for ages, but he hasn’t forgotten how exciting small, noisy blurs of fluff are when they zoom through tunnels nearby!

I was really pleased with his focus on me while ringside, without constant feeding. He even gave me a lie flat with duration! It can’t be easy for an enthusiastic collie to lie still, flat on his side, with all that excitement going on around him!

I walked the Steeplechase course and decided it was a great, gentle twirly course to give Guinness some fun. We ran on micro, jumps barely off the floor, and had an absolutely blast! I haven’t felt that bothered about not doing agility while we were recovering, but boy did I enjoy myself running that course! I wish I’d had my trainers on to really sprint it, but I reckon I managed quite well in my country boots. I’d forgotten about the buzz and adrenaline from running a course. So much fun!

Guinness was fine afterwards and looked and felt great!  He’s got his MOT this week and then we are going to get cracking with some serious training. My aim is to be competition ready by April and then get to our first shows mid May!

Let’s kick some ass!

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