What is my lack of fitness stopping me from doing?

I sound like a broken record at the moment… “I’m so unfit”… “I want to be stronger”… “I wish I was fitter”.

I’ve been saying it for ages and not really doing much about it. But the other day while I was driving it really dawned on me… my fitness is stopping me from doing things that I want to do.


How mad is that! Something that is changeable, something that I have the power to change, it’s stopping me from doing things that I really want to do.

I know it’s important not to dwell on negatives, but sometimes it’s good to be aware of them, and use them to fuel an action for the best.

This is my list of the things that my current state of fitness is stopping me from doing… and therefore what I will be able to achieve in the near future by getting off my backside and doing something about it!

Ben Nevis


I’ve always wanted to climb Ben Nevis and I desire to have the personal achievement of conquering all of the three peaks. Ash and I have the skills to do it but after my struggle up Scafell Pike I know I’d find it super difficult. I might plod to the top eventually but it would take longer than I’d like and I wouldn’t enjoy it.

Dealing with large dogs


Over the past 4 years there’s only been one or two dogs that I haven’t been able to get in the back of the van without help. One of them being a 60kg Newfoundland that put the brakes on and used all of his weight to stay on the floor and as far away from the van as possible. However, although I normally find a way there are times when I struggle. It’s also annoying (and dangerous) when you’ve got a large dog on a lead and it drags you in a direction that you don’t want to go and there’s not much you can do about it. Having a little bit more strength and fitness would help me with this.

Activities with Scouts


My fitness doesn’t hinder my Scouting but sometimes I do wish I could keep up with fitter ones (I don’t want to say the younger ones as that makes me feel old). Plus I’m a tad (lot!) competitive so I want to be able to put up a fair fight at challenges and races.

Running faster in agility competitions


If I was fitter and confident of what my body could do I know I’d sprint faster the whole way round and not come out puffing away.

Running a 5k charity race


A lot of my friends do 5k races and although I’m pretty busy I’ve never thought to enter as I can’t quite make it the whole way round, unlike them. I know you don’t have to run it all and there’s no shame in walking, it’s still raising money for charity, however if I could run it happily then I’d definitely do some. Especially if they allow dogs to take part too.

3 Peaks Challenge

I’ve had opportunities to do the 3 peaks challenge and I’ve not gone for it as I’d struggle.

Back pain

More and more frequently I am getting a sore back and if my body was a little fitter, with a stronger core to support my back, I know it would help this a little.


Being happy

I’m always whinging about my fitness and I’m not happy about my current body shape and fitness state, so therefore it’s preventing me from truly being happy.

As I said earlier, how shocking that something I can change and do something about is stopping me from doing all of these things! I’m the kind of person that needs a big signal or reason to change something and what better than the start of a new year.

2016 is going to see a fitter me!

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