Looking back at 2015

There comes that time at the end of each year when we reflect on what has been and look forward to what we would like to come. I think it’s important to remember the highlights of the year and the experiences and achievements that were made. It’s one of the reasons why I love videos and photographs, they bring moments back into our minds and refresh memories that may have faded. This is a mixture of things specific to Guinness, Guinness and I, Ash and I, and just me.

Australia and Dubai

Sometimes it feels like it never happened, or that it was years ago! I can’t believe we actually spent two weeks in Australia and a week in Dubai! It was amazing and I’m so glad we did it.

Dig It Newsletter


The start of 2015 saw me take over the Dig It Newsletter. I really enjoy using my skills to produce them each month and write about how amazing the club that I cherish with all my heart is.

Gold Good Citizen Level


I thoroughly enjoyed training Guinness in an obedience class for a couple of months and was very proud when we finally achieved our Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen Award.

Guinness’ increase in fitness

After Guinness’ cruciate injury in September 2014 I worked hard on improving his fitness, not just for recovery but for prevention as well. I developed a regular physio routine and at the end of this year I can now look at and feel him and say he is fitter than he has ever been. His core has developed so that he can now hold a beg/sit pretty for 10 seconds. His rear leg muscles are defined and strong, keeping his joints safe, and his jumping style and agility ability is looking much stronger.

Back to agility training

As a result of the fitness work and recovery from injury we were back into agility training at the start of 2015.

Farm life

This year saw Ash start a new job on a dairy farm, working long hours for 6 days a week. This therefore saw me (and Guinness) spending quite a few weekends on the farm, enjoying walking across the fields, saying good morning to the calves and trying to dodge electric fences.



I feel that my photography skills have developed throughout this year to a level that I am really pleased with, partly due to a camera upgrade, but mostly due to personal skills. I continue to learn and grow of course but there’s definitely been an improvement.

New car


For the first time in my life I bought a new car for a reason other than because I had crashed and written off my other one! I made the decision to upgrade from my petrol guzzling Astra hatchback to a bigger, more economic and modern Focus estate! Heated seats, fog lights, heated front windscreen, DAB radio… I adore it! Plus the addition of two sections in the boot for Guinness and my junk is great.

Agility competitions

There weren’t many but we stepped back into the competition ring in 2015 with an alright show in Spring and then a great show in Autumn that saw us achieve 4th and 9th in combined classes.

Two Scout Camps

I love Scouting, its been a large part of my life since I was young and the camps are always a huge highlight. This year I’ve attended two amazing camps.

Wood badge


As I mentioned already I’m very passionate about Scouting and this year I completed my leader training and was therefore awarded my wood badge, recognising me as a fully trained, warrant holding leader.

I rode a horse


My lovely friend gave me a lesson on her horse for my birthday this year! I’ve only sat on a horse once in my life when I was a child and I’ve always wanted to do it again, just never had the chance (or the money).



Ash and I, along with two other friends from Scouts, attended our friend’s wedding this year! It’s the first out of our age group that has tied the knot and it was such a lovely, exciting and emotional day.

Blog event


You’ll be hearing more about this soon but I attended my first ever blog event at the end of this year. This blog is my little space and I’m so proud of how it has grown and found structure this year. It was considered good enough that Guinness and I were invited to attend an event in Manchester with a company that were launching a new line of pet products and we were asked to be involved in a video they were making.

6 years with Ash

12321130_10156325091925578_4964501530296980762_n (1)

This is a bit of a personal soppy ending but it’s a big achievement I feel. Ash and I face new challenges every year and go on wonderful adventures together and I couldn’t imagine not having him in my life.

So that’s mine… now what were your big achievements and experiences of 2015?

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