Christmas gift guide for dog owners

Ho ho ho. Feeling festive yet? I’m trying not to overload on Christmas just yet but I’m not going to lie, I’m getting rather excited!

Today’s gift guide is all about the dog owners. This list is based on some of my favourite dog related gifts that I have received plus the things that I would love to be given. Items that I always see and think “aw I’d love that” and then I’ve either bought myself or continued dreaming. So hint hint to any family members reading this who haven’t got me a present yet! 😉

Anyway, let’s get cracking.

Quirky signs


I love quotes and phrases and I think when they’re presented in a really nice way, a few subtly ones here and there can make a house homelier. You know, the ones like “A house is not a home without a dog.” Or “Love has four legs and a wagging tail”.

They don’t have to be overly cheesy but when they’re in a nice frame or painted onto a lovely piece of slate with some rough brown string for hanging up, I love them.

Heat holder socks


Dog owners have to go out in the cold, fact. Check out my essential winter gear for dog owners post to read my full guide for surviving the winter with your dog, but an easy present that any dog owner will appreciate is some warm socks. I especially love the heat holder ones, they’re super thick and warm.



I have a few little Border Collie and Schnauzer ornaments around the house and I think they make a great present for a dog owner. However, the key is to try and find one that looks just like their dog. There’s no point buying a black & white spaniel ornament for someone who owns a liver & white spaniel, it’s just not right. Some ornaments can look really weird and the dogs look scary, so aim for a nice little one.

Pandora charm


If you’re looking to splash out and your loved one has a Pandora charm bracelet, then a dog related charm can make a lovely gift. I’ve got one of a dog kennel with a heart on it and then another with paw prints on. Each charm on my bracelet represents a special moment, person or thing in my life, so it wouldn’t be right without some dog related charms.

There are other brands of charm jewellery but I have Pandora hence why I’m being specific.



You know those thin, wispy, long scarfs that are all the rage at the moment?! I have one with foxes on and I absolutely love it. It’s warm and fashionable and makes a great gift. I’ve seen some really cute ones online with paw prints.

Photo frame


A friend bought me this frame one year and I love that I have my own special frame just for Guinness. Nowadays we don’t print and display photographs as much as we used to which is rather sad. It’s easy to get a photo printed, in a shop such as boots or online, and having a frame just for the dog is lovely.

Fingerless gloves


As previously mentioned, dog owners have to go out in the cold. When training your dog, or even just giving them a quick treat during a walk, I find it quite tricky to get the treats out of my pockets when wearing proper gloves, so fingerless gloves come in really handy here. You can even get cute ones that have fold over mittens bits too, or just boring stripes like mine!

Breed calendar


Like the ornaments try to find one where at least some of the photographs look similar to the person’s dog. If they own working Labradors then don’t get them a calendar full of stocky, chubby Labradors, it’s not going to sit well trust me.

Door stop


I used to prop my bedroom door open with a dog toy and then one birthday (or was it Christmas… I can’t remember) my amazing best friend Lydia gave me this door stop! I have no idea how she knew I needed one and I absolutely adore it! I’ve seen loads of different ones since and there’s something for everyone’s taste out there.



I was given two of these collie cushions last year and I love them! I’ve never bought cushions before or given them much thought but I genuinely really like them. You can even get personalised ones.

Wipe your paws mat

Photo Credit: Laughing Squid,
Photo Credit: Laughing Squid,

One day I will have one of these at my back door. They’re not cheap and we have a perfectly good door mat at the moment so I’ve just never bought one, but I absolutely love them!


Hopefully this guide has given you some gift ideas for your friends and family that own a dog. You don’t have to go for cheesy dog items to find a good dog related gift, there are in fact quite a few stylish and subtly items out there. Something for everyone’s taste I hope!


    • Ah thank you! It’s great to hear that you like some of the gift ideas. My feet are freezing today so I think I’ll be buying myself some new socks if I don’t get any.


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