Exciting News!

I am buzzing. During Guinness’ physio session tonight I was asked if I was planning on doing agility with Guinness again and it was actually recommended that we should do some!

While I had accepted that we may never do agility again and was 100% okay with that being the case if it was the best decision for my dog, I was a little gutted. Guinness has still got so much enthusiasm for it and every time we go to Dig It he tries to drag me into the agility arena.

I always find it sad when some people claim that their dogs “love” agility yet when you understand body language you can actually see that the dog isn’t that happy and in fact it’s the person who loves agility more than the dog. But Guinness genuinely LOVES agility. His eyes are wide, he barks, he bounces and his arousal shoots up. He only gives that level of excitement at agility. I love how eager he is for it. I love that he’s a bit wild and doesn’t always remember his obedience during agility. I love to handle and train him like this. So I am so so excited to be able to share that with him again.

We’ve been recommended to not jump large, probably never again, and that’s fine. Its always been the training that I love more than competing and while I wish we could have moved up the grades further I’m 100% happy just to be training again. Plus there are anysize classes and NFC entries for a reason.

I can’t wait to get training with my crazy lad once again.


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