Osprey Tempest 20

OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS BAG! There’s my review… no need to write any more right?!

At the start of summer this year I found myself stood in GoOutdoors perusing the backpacks, searching for a decent, comfy day pack. Osprey have a reputation for being very good but an even bigger reputation for being very expensive. Therefore I’ve always tended to avoid them, however I had been looking at bag after bag after bag and nothing was quite fitting the bill in terms of quality and comfort and design… until I picked up the Tempest 20.  The second I looked at this bag and tried it on in the store I knew it was right. I spent about 10 minutes trying to talk myself out of it but everything pointed to this bag.

*Helmet not included ;)
*Helmet not included 😉

Well for the first use of this bag I jumped on a bike and cycled 11 miles! My gosh it was comfy. So so so so amazing. Like carrying a sack of air (and that’s not because it was empty). At 20 litres its not the biggest but I managed to fit a jumper, a big first aid kit, my lunch, some paperwork, money and keys and enough drinks for the day. Plus I clipped a radio onto the strap and it stayed secure the entire time.

img_20160508_213313 img_20160508_22155913179425_10156917859815578_7363674521883260129_n-1

The helmet attachment works well for holding your bike helmet and even doubles as a teddy bear carrier when you’re out with Beaver Scouts!

It has a useful top zip pocket which I use for my purse and keys, an inside small zip pocket for keeping small items safe and then the main large section. There’s a weird front mesh bit which I’m not sure exactly what it’s purpose is but I use it to keep spare poo bags in or a map. Plus there are two bottle holders, a hydration pack slot at the rear and two small zip pockets on the waist strap.

Every strap on this bag adjusts to let you find the perfect fit. It also has a whistle built into the chest strap which I think is the best thing any bag can do. Now you can never forget your whistle while out and about.


The only thing this bag is missing is a waterproof cover and I think it’s only water resistant, however you can pick up waterproof covers pretty cheap and they don’t take up much room to stuff in.

All in all this bag is just brilliant. I’ve since taken it up and down Snowdon, on more bike rides and short little walks and it’s exactly what I need for a day trip. I do find the women’s fit bags comfier so ladies I would recommend trying them, while they do tend to come in more colourful varieties than just black, I actually love the colour of this. At least it’s not pink ey! Plus in regards to the cost, it’s so far been worth it and I can see it lasting me a while so perhaps a little investment pays off sometimes.

Who knew you could get so excited about a bag, I actually look forward to going out and about with it!



  1. A good bag is a good find! I’ve just swapped over to an Osprey Exos 48L for my main overnight/longer walking trips, partly because it’s so much lighter than anything else of that size, partly for comfort reasons. I don’t have a mascot attachment, though!

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    • Haha you should get one! The mascot was only for a Beaver trip, maybe I need something permanent though. Completely agree, good to hear you have found comfort and light in a Osprey back.


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