September Favourites

Candy Cane Lane Yankee Candle


The first of my Christmas scent candles, this is lovely! It’s quite sweet but not too sickly for me, and fills the room nicely. I like to be able to smell a candle without having to walk right past it and I feel this is just right for a smallish living room without becoming overpowering.




Pewdiepie has the biggest channel on youtube, with the most subscribers and most views, yet until recently I hadn’t watched any of his videos. There was no particular reason for this, I think I may have tried once and not been a massive fan, or thought that it was just a gaming channel. However I have absolutely fallen in love with his videos. He’s funny, has the right level of sarcasm for me and talks some much needed truths. Plus I’m a fan of swearing. I especially enjoyed watching his entire gameplay footage of Layers of Fear. It seems a bit daft watching someone else playing a game but I think it’s because I don’t have the resources to play these games myself, plus as I don’t like scary stuff this enables me to half experience it, not getting the full level of scare that you do if you’re playing it.




I go through phases of playing games on my iPad and currently I’m loving monopoly. A family favourite classic, when playing against computers it takes considerable less time than playing the board game with friends. I find it easy to play while sitting in front of the TV or just relaxing after a busy day. Oh and of course I’m always the dog!


Academic Diary


The start of September sees the start of a new term at Scouts and I find academic diaries the best way to record what we have done and important dates and info. I wandered into The Works and there was a huge selection available! Enough choice to get any stationary lover excited.


Collins A4 Calendar


Again for Scouting I find these Collins calendars the best for giving you an overview of what’s happening each month. The notes section at the top is useful for jotting down any things to do for that month and the boxes are big enough for putting details in.


Wunderlist App


Apparently September was the month of organisation. I’ve been using Wunderlist app for a while now and it’s just fantastic. It’s a checklist app that allows you to make lots of different lists and on each list you add points that appear with a little tick box next to them. I especially love it on an android device as you can put a widget on one of your home screens that is scroll-able and tick-able. The app makes a very satisfying “ping” noise when you check them as done. It also enables you to see any completed tasks with a push of a button so you can double check what’s already been done. Wunderlist keeps my whole life organised; from work to scouts to Christmas shopping and more.


Nightwalker Series


I love a good horror book, with a sexy demon/vampire/werewolf and a kick-ass but vulnerable female that he saves and falls in love with. This book is rather unimaginably similar to others, however I quite enjoy the familiarity of the story. It’s an easy, enjoyable read with a few plot twists that have left me surprised. I’ve finished the first book Jacob and am currently on the second, Gideon.

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