I killed my FitBark

Two days on the beach, chassing the waves and skidding through the sand, and the FitBark was dead. Deceased. No one home. 

I was gutted! I had genuinely been enjoying using the FitBark with Guinness. I thought it might be risky using it in the sea as, although its waterproof, the combination of sand & sea water can be deadly. Perhaps the little rubber seal had popped up or something as there was definitely bits of sand around the charger slot, so I’m thinking water damage.

I thought it was game over and as I had only had it a few months I didnt really fancy forking out the money for another one. However when I looked on the FitBark website to see if there was any glimour of hope I saw that they recommend putting it in a bag of rice for 24 hours if you suspect water damage and then if it still doesnt work get in touch with FitBark.

The bag of rice trick is an old-school life hack, but I’ve never really used it before. So for the first time ever I filled a bag with rice and popped a piece of technology into it. 

Today I plugged the FitBark in to charge and TA DAA! Its working!!!

I’m so relieved and happy! Hurrah. Back to counting calories for Guinness, except for on beach days maybe. 


  1. As a seasoned “drop my phone into rivers while kayaking” kinda girl, I’ve learned about the rice thing long ago. It sure works like a charm, don’t it??


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