October Favourites

Cube Limited Pro


How could I not start with this bike! My God I love it. You may have seen from a recent post I treated myself to a new bike at the end of September, and October has been the month for me to get out and play on it. It’s a Cube Limited Pro hardtail with 27.5″ wheels. It feels massive to me but it’s definitely the right size and I’m growing in confidence to trust it and let it do the work and keep me upright (although I’ve had a few wobbles). You can see my recent post and vlog about my first time on mountain bike trails here.


Pantene 2in1 Smooth & Sleek Shampoo & Conditioner


I’ve always hated my frizzy, curly/wavy hair. My solution is to straighten it, but even then it will sometimes revert back to madness. It’s recently got to a good, long length that I’m happy with and the weight of it is helping to keep it a bit more controlled. I’m also now trying to have at least two days a week of no heat treatment, sometimes just letting it dry naturally and then tying it up. This shampoo has made it all so much easier! It definitely helps to tame my frizz and my hair seems smoother and much more controlled either when left to dry naturally or the next day after straightening, when normally I would need to re-straighten my hair after a sleep. I don’t think it’s making my hair any more greasy either as using conditioner has done in the past.


Foxy Pajamas from Tesco


I grabbed these pjs in haste one evening when I was staying away from home and had forgotten to pack mine. They are so comfy and have become my favourite pjs! I love the pattern and the colour of the bottoms and they feel so soft and cosy. Thank god I did forget my own.


Sametop GoPro Chest Mount

See Ash wearing it here
See Ash wearing it here

I’ve lost my GoPro chesty mount and as I knew we’d want one for mountain biking I decided to order a cheaper one made by Sametop. It’s absolutely fine, fits securely, is easy to adjust and held the camera well during a day biking. The attachment feels a little snug but it’s no problem. It’s always good to find a bargain rather than forking out on GoPro own brand products.


Doggone Good Treat Bag

20161107_132545 20161107_132530This isn’t just a monthly favourite but a firm favourite of mine, but I’ve been using it especially a lot this month so thought I’d include it. There’s a lot of different treat pouches out there but I’ve never found anything as good as this. The waist strap keeps it nice and secure on my hip and can be easily adjusted. I much prefer having my treats to hand in a big pouch rather than in fiddly pockets, plus it keeps the stinky cheese or ham bits out of my clothes. It’s also got a small velco pocket on the front which I fit my clicker in and an inside slim pocket which is perfect for things such as target discs. The actually space of the pouch is massive so you can put loads and it closes with a magnetic clip. I wouldn’t trust it to stay closed up while you’re running around, but for every day low activity training it’s perfect. I’ve worn it while walking out and about and it’s nice a safe.




Speaking of clickers, this type is my favourite! I love the big chunky button and I find it easy to hold and press, plus I use the wrist strap in order to click and then drop it while rewarding to give myself a free hand. I recently found some on amazon for less than £1 each.


Windows Movie Maker


This is the software I use to make my music videos and vlogs and I’ve been using it a lot this month for a project for Scout Group. It’s nothing fancy, just a basic, free video editor, but I find it really easy to use and it does everything I want. I don’t have an apple device and don’t want to fork out for Adobe Final Cut Pro, so this is what I have and like.


Monin Gingerbread Syrup


The Christmas vibes are well and truly here and I’ve been loving gingerbread lattes this month. I make them at home using this syrup with either my Tassimo machine lattes or the packet lattes by brands such as Nescafe which you just add boiling to. I noticed Costa have their Christmas drinks in now with gingerbread latte on the list!

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