I’m moving out!

Eek, exciting things are happening, Ash and I are moving to a dairy farm! A new beginning. Our own space. I can’t wait. It’s MEGA exciting but a little daunting. I am literally starting from scratch and it all got real when we bought our first piece of furniture and booked a deliver date in January.

We’ve got a few weeks off over Christmas & New Year to get some sorting and decorating done before we move in so fingers crossed we can make it nice and homely before moving in and going back to full-time work.

I’m planning on videoing quite a lot of the process, not just for me to be able to look back at the transformation one day but to also share it with you guys as well.

So… if anyone has any moving house tips I would love to know! Decorating, buying furniture, sorting bills, etc etc. It’s all a brand new area for me so I’ve been doing lots of research and checking out loads of home blogs.

Watch this space!

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