My goals for 2017

As a new year approaches it’s a good time to set some new goals for the year ahead. As we saw from last year though, goals aren’t always met and situations change which require goals to change. Therefore one of my first goals this year is to frequently reflect upon and adjust goals throughout the year. Plus be realistic in knowing that meeting goals isn’t the end of the world, but we all know that goal setting can have huge benefits.

 1. Progress my career

I can’t believe it’s already been nearly 12 months since I started my new job and I’m absolutely loving it. My goal for this year is to continue enjoying it and increase my knowledge, my performance and maintain that enjoyment within my position.

 2. Trailer licence

This is a short-term goal and something I’m going to get booked in and completed within January. I had the towbar fitted to my car in November so it’s about time I got a blummin licence to enable me to actually use it.

 3. Have the house completed to a good standard

This is quite a flexible goal as what we do depends on a few factors which we don’t currently have control over. However by mid-January my aim is to have the spare bedroom decorated and furnished, and by the end of February we should be able to have the living room completely done as it’s already decorated. My goal by the end of 2017 is to have the three bedrooms decorated and furnished, the living room plus mine and Ash’s offices decorated and furnished, a new bathroom finished and the kitchen up to a nice standard with a dining table and chairs.

4. Be financially sound

This year is going to be a first of paying bills, home insurance and other grown up things! We’ve budgeted, planned and organised enough that we should be all good, but it’s still a goal of mine to be financially sound for the duration of 2017.

 5. New and better content for this blog

This blog has been lacking a little this year which is a shame as I love writing and making new and interesting and helpful content, as well as occasionally rambling about my mundane life adventures. With a new change of lifestyle I expect there are going to be much more topics to talk about.

 6. More videos

I really enjoy filming and making videos. While I’m not sure if vlogging is going to be for me I would like to make more music videos at least. So this is a tentative goal as it really depends on how weekly life on the farm pans out and what I decide about the amount of home content I wish to put out there.

 7. Chickens

Hopefully sooner rather than later we will have chickens! There is enough space for them and they’re easy enough to keep once we’ve sorted the outdoor area. Maybe we will have to wait for summer but definitely at some point this year they will be here!

 8. Scout permit

This year I’d like to increase the permits I have as a Scout Leader. Within the Scouting Association you have to be able to show evidence and a level of knowledge to achieve permits for different activities, such as taking the Scouts away for a night in a building or camping. While I know the move and change of lifestyle is going to stretch the already limited time I have to commit to Scouting, I am committed to continuing my role and increasing my ability to keep giving young people amazing opportunities.

So… let’s rock n roll!

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