15 Favourite Things

As you can see I haven’t been blogging much lately. I haven’t even been reading other blogs, or watching youtube videos. I’ve literally been eating, sleeping and breathing work and house things at the moment. So tonight when I opened my Feedly app for the first time in so long the first blog that drew my attention was Carpe Diem Emmie‘s 15 Favourite Things, and she is actually calling on other bloggers to write the same. So how could I not, it just seems right. Thanks Emmie, for producing the right blog at the right time for me.

Takeaway Treat

It’s got to be pizza, I love pizza! I could have pizza at least twice a week. Although I’m a sucker for oven pizzas over takeaway but I’ll never turn down a good dominoes or papa johns. There’s a FABULOUS pizza takeaway near to our new place so we’re having to be restrained and only treat ourselves every so often.


Oh these questions are always so hard to answer. I’m desperately looking around the room for inspiration but all of my DVDs are still packed in to a box at the moment.

I think it’s got to be The Mummy. I have seen it so many times but just thinking about it now makes me want to watch it again. I love the humor, the action and the romance.

TV Show

At the moment it’s NCIS. I’m watching the new series that’s airing on 5 USA but also any reruns that are on I’ll happily sit and watch.


Nothing More – Jenny


While I grew up with Harry Potter and read them over and over again I think the best book I’ve ever read is The Sight by David Clement-Davies.

It’s a fiction story written about and in the life of wolves and I just think it’s so gripping and unpredictable at times and fantastic. I just love it. Either this or Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman.


God what a question! How do you pick one?! Okay I’m not going to think it through I’m going to type out what springs to mind…. Australia with Ash, Green Day gig when I was 16, agility shows, actually now that I’m listing things out definitely mine and Ash’s holiday to Australia is jumping out. It was awesome fun, it was 3 weeks together that I absolutely loved, I felt that we were most connected and together during this trip and I saw and did so many exciting and new things.


Piece of Advice

I guess it’s not advice but more a statement… “She believed she could so she did.”  I love that. I think the fundamental of life is if you want something, work hard for it, aim towards it and you will get there. No matter how much it takes just put things in to place and make the effort and you can and will get there.


Ooh it’s got to be a Caramel Latte. Mmmmmmmhmmmhmhmmm!

Guilty Pleasure

Chocolate maybe?! I can’t help it and I crave it so bad sometimes.

Favourite App

Instagram, I’m such an image orientated person.

Favourite Celebrity

Greg James.

Ideal Date

A nice walk in the countryside with the dog. A chance to chat and enjoy nature.


Evening Meal

Pasta! Spaghetti carbonara, chicken pasta, lasagne, anything will please me.

Proudest Moment

Being offered my most recent job. It’s something I’ve been dreaming about and working towards for a good number of years now and to have reached a standard where I am good enough and was chosen as the best candidate makes me feel so proud.


Was that 15? Phew. Those type of questions always get me thinking and maybe I’m indecisive or just have a lot to enjoy and be grateful for but I always struggle to put my finger on just one thing for each question.

I hope you enjoyed finding out a little bit more about me and maybe you have only read this as you’ve been writing it out yourself. If so I’d love you to tag me in it so I can have a little nosey into your answers.






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