Spring Favourites

My monthly favourite posts have been not so monthly at the moment. Then I spotted a fabulous idea on OkGoAgility (I’ll talk about them more later) and they had swapped from monthly to seasonal favourite posts, so I am going to adopt that idea myself and here are my spring favourites, starting with the dog stuff first.


Canine Magnetix Coat


I invested in a Magnetix collar a while ago and wasn’t sure it was doing anything until I took it off for a few days and noticed a slight difference in Guinness. Since then I have been wanting to get a coat as it covers the whole dog, especially his hips and rear legs where he’s had problem previously. Sam at Dog Magnetix was really helpful with advising on the right size for Guinness and he seems really happy and relaxed in it. I put it on him after long walks and hard runs or play sessions for a couple of hours or so. I would also use it at the start of a show and after runs.


Raised Beds


I’ve had a HiK9 raised bed for a while now but never had space to use it in the house, so I just used it when out training. Now that we are in the farm I have space for a bed downstairs and one upstairs. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that Guinness often sleeps on his raised bed, both overnight and when he’s left alone in the day. I also use it sometimes when I want to ask him to go and settle as it’s a clear boundary, plus he often then falls alseep. 


Akela treats

I went hunting around Crufts for some new dog treats. I wanted something small, not crumbly and high value. The Akela treats fit the bit perfectly, they are tiny, a little crunchy, smelly and tasty and not too expensive. After trying one bag from Crufts I then ordered several online.



Salmon Skins


Chews are great for dogs to relieve stress and keep them busy. The Howl Emporium come to Dig It Shows and I’ve been lucky enough to be gifted a few goody bags from them as a present for judging at Dig It Shows. I’ve tried lots of their different chews, including trachea, rabbit ears and chicken feet, but my absolute favourite are the salmon skins. They stink, but I love the smell of fish so I don’t mind. you can buy 3 packs for £10 and they last a while. They are my go to chews now.


DogCog Radio

dogcog radio

I’ve been listening to this new podcast for the past month or so and really enjoying it. Now that I’ve listened to all of the previous episodes I’m a little bit bored waiting for a new episode to come out, but having another podcast to listen to is no bad thing. I don’t always agree with everything Sarah says in these podcasts but I think it’s healthy to ask questions and the fact that what she says makes me think and consider different options is a bonus in my eyes.



Washable Male Wrap


Unfortunately poor Guinness has had a bit of an incontinence problem recently. As I didn’t want puddles of wee all around the house I had to confine him to one downstairs room, which was no fun for anyone. I found and ordered one of these male wraps for next day delivery and it worked a treat. He didn’t mind wearing it and it meant he could come in to the living room and all round the house and any dribbles were caught in the wrap. We’d then take it off when he went outside or while he was back in the one room as it didn’t matter if he dribbled in there.



OkGo Agility


I mentioned these guys up above and now I’ll explain. OkGo Agility is a new app/website that lets you record and monitor your agility show results. It’s described as an app but I think at the moment it’s just a web version. It only rolled out the other weekend but it’s off to an exciting beginning and I’m looking forward to seeing it developing.

However the thing about OkGo Agility I’ve been enjoying the most is their facebook page. They have uploaded a few great videos such as a vlog at Crufts and monthly favourite videos, as mentioned above. I haven’t found many dog youtube channels out there and I love vlogs and monthly favourite type videos, so a dog related one is the best thing ever!





DSC_1048 (2)

I mentioned my new leggings in a recent blog post and they’re still going good. They’re perfect for running or home workouts, plus super comfy just lounging around in.

http://www.next.co.uk/g502184s5#982637 & http://www.next.co.uk/g50160s3#722636


Seven app


After a recommendation I’ve been trying the 7 workout app. It’s brillant! 7 minute workouts every day. The free version only has one set of exercises but if you pay £3.99 a month you get lots of different workout plans, either targeting specific areas such as arms, legs, cardio, or actually workout plans to aim towards a set goal such as weight loss of strength building. The exercises are really varied and I liked the plans such as healthy body as every day is different. Everyone has 7 minutes in their day right?!

Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=se.perigee.android.seven

itunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/seven-7-minute-workout-training-challenge/id650276551?mt=8

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