Following footpaths

Today I set out with the dogs, picked a footpath from the farm and followed it.


I love the sense of freedom and unknown as you explore new places, not quite sure where you are going to end up.

After half an hour I was surprised to find myself by a primary school in a nearby village! Thanks to technology I tracked my walk on a map and could see exactly where I was.

There are lots of footpaths across our land and I’m ashamed to say I haven’t walked along many of them, and don’t walk off the farm much.

The convenience of having the freedom to let the dogs run off-lead and not have to worry about who or what you are going to come across is really really nice. But it’s equally lovely and exciting to find new places and see new views.

I would encourage everyone to explore your local area and find different walking routes. Pick a footpath and follow it and see where you come out.

Go on adventures!


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