My early morning routine

I never used to be a morning person. I would sleep in until as late as possible and then scoff down some breakfast and rush to work. When I moved to the farm with Ash I would often sleep through his 5.30am alarm and wake up about 7.30am.

Since Zebby arrived last year things have changed. He was waking up with Ash and not settling back down so I then started getting up with Ash, and I am now most productive in the morning. It has become our normal to have an early morning and an early night.

5.45am: Wake up

I try to be up and out of bed by 6am. It’s tough some days, especially when Zebby jumps on and snuggles down with you, but it means I have enough time to get everything done without rushing around. I’m the sort of person that prefers to be up earlier and spend an extra 5 minutes just sat around.

6.20am: Run or Walk

If I’m running that day I like to go straight out to it, before I get too hungry. I’m always too tired in an evening by the time I’ve got home and had tea, and there’s often not much time before tea, so a morning run suits me. In winter it would still be dark but I wouldn’t mind running with my head torch on, enjoying the peace and quiet. I stay on the private track leading out of our farm to the road half a mile away so I don’t meet any traffic or people, it just means I have to do a bit of running up and down the same route rather than a loop.

If it’s a non-run day then we go for a walk across the fields. ,I do most of my training with the dogs during our walks; loose lead walking, recall, scentwork, stays, etc.

7.15am: Feed the chickens

I scatter some of their food on the ground to encourage them to scratch and peck throughout the day and then put the rest in the feeder to ensure they are getting enough. Now that the mornings are so light they have sometimes laid an egg by this time.

7.30am: Shower

Time to get clean! A morning shower is a must, especially if I’m sweaty from a run or muddy from a walk with the dogs.

8am: Breakfast, Lunch & Tea

By now I’m starving and it’s time for breakfast! If we’re having a slow cooker tea that day I’ll prep that also and make my packed lunch.

My favourite go to breakfasts at the moment are chocolate porridge (porridge oats, cacao powder, honey & milk) with fruit, or peanut butter on toast with banana and blueberries, or scrambled egg with spinach on toast.

I’m trying to make more salads for lunch and often have chicken with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and cesar dressing, or tuna with peppers, spinach, watercress and cucumber.

During breakfast: Blog write / social media / things to do

While eating my breakfast I tend to use the time to catch up on instagram and facebook. Sometimes I’ll read a blog post or may write one of my own, sometimes I’ll be replying to emails or sorting out Scout things, anything that needs doing while I have a few spare minutes.

8.30am: Ready to start work

Depending on what time I need to be out I aim to be ready for work by about 8.30am and start sorting my stuff out for the day, clearing any junk off my desk or packing my car, and that’s it!

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