Decathalon haul

Annoyingly there are no Decathalon stores near to me, so when we needed to take a trip to Warrington today I insisted we make an hour (at least!) to pop in to Decathalon while we would be nearby.

Decathalon running clothes are always highly recommended in running facebook groups and the prices are very reasonable.

I think I tried on everything in the store and came away with a good bundle, so thought I’d share everything I bought in a good old fashioned haul post. Obviously I haven’t used any of these clothes yet but they all went through the squat-test and running-on-the-spot-test while I was in the changing room.


Top: Kalenji Run Dry Women’s Running T-shirt
Shorts: Kalenji Women’s Trail Running Shorts

The top is a nice, simple, light running t-shirt. At £3.99 you can’t go wrong.

I thought the front pocket on these shorts would be strange but they don’t seem like they would rub or get in the way at all. The shorts are a perfect mid-thigh length.

Top: Kalenji Run Dry Women’s Running T-shirt
Leggings: Kalenji Run Dry Women’s Jogging Tights

The top is the same as above but black 🙂

How pretty are these leggings! They show a bit more pinkish on the picture but they’re actually purple.


Tops: Domyos 500 Women’s Regular-Fit Gym T-shirt

These polyester tops aren’t the best material for running but they are really comfy and lightweight and therefore make a perfect every day t-shirt, especially at £4.50 each.


Top: Domyos 120 Women’s Cardio Fitness Tank Top (White Print)
Cropped Trousers: Kalenji Trail Running Cropped Trousers

I love the slogon on this top, plus it’s nice and long but fitted.

Again the capri trousers have the strange front pocket but they are really comfortable and come just below the knee.


Top: Kalenji Run Light Women’s Tank Top
Shorts: Domyos 500 Women’s Cardio Fitness Shorts

There really isn’t anything better than a vest top in summer. I get so hot in t-shirts at the moment so it was good to find another perfect tank top. This one fits loose and long at the bottom to cover my wobbly bits but is nice and fitted where it needs to be.

I was worried the shorts were a bit too short but these are so comfy and they’ll be really cool in summer, plus I love the colour.


Gloves: Running Tactile Gloves

From talking about summer to winter! My hands were freezing last year and I borrowed some friends gloves similar to these so thought I’d buy my own pair.


Cycling Helmet: B’Twin 500 Mountain Biking Helmet

To top it off both me and Ash decided to invest in new bike helmets. These were so comfy and there are loads of different colour options, although I decided to go for simple black.

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