Tough Woofer

A muddy obstacle course for dogs and their owners, what a great idea!

I was initially quite apprehensive about how Zebby would cope with all the other dogs, and he was very overwhelmed when we first arrived, but he soon settled down.

The event was very well organised. Everyone was given a t-shirt & dog bandana and offered poo bags upon arrival.

There was a small collection of dog products and food stalls, plus have a go agility, with lots of benches under marques to sit at.

The start line was right in front of the stunning Capesthorne Hall.

Every 15 minutes a small group of dogs and their owners set off around the course. We set off at the back of our group and quickly everyone spread out.

There was a spiders web to navigate through, tyres to walk along, a cargo net you had to crawl under, inflatables to jump through, all sorts!

The obstacles were well thought through and the mjority were safe and do-able for the dogs and owners. The only two I didn’t like were the seesaws as they very narrow and slippery (we skipped them) and one cargo net which was very tight to the ground, but manageable with one person holding it up while the other went through.

Each obstacle was different and the things you had to climb over were my favourite as Zebby & Guinness love jumping.

Other than one water obstacle near the start and a little bit of mud when crawling under things everything else was relatively non-muddy and we finished feeling a little disappointed with how clean we were. Although logistically that was better I guess.

The course itself was stunning, going through open fields to woodland and over the lake.

It took us about 40 minutes in total with plenty of stops for photos and to navigate the obstacles, and we had a great time.

I was really impressed with how Zebby & Guinness handled all the obstacles and Beth & Guinness made a great team.

As we crossed the finish line we were given a medal and the dogs were given a Tough Woofer dog tag and offered some treats.

We sat down for some food, hot meatball & cheese baguette for me, mmmmm!

What a fantastic event and all in the aid of charity. Apart from the Dogs Trust one this is the only event of this kind that I’ve heard about so I hope there are more in future. It was especially well organised to keep all dogs and owners safe and content, so a huge well done to all involved.

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