I’m on an adventure

Yes… it’s happening… I’ve had a rebrand.

After 10 years of DogOddity I’m definitely not throwing it away, but for a while now my blog has been much more diverse than just dogs, and I’ve been enjoying writing about different things, so I’ve decided to rebrand to more accurately reflect what my blog and my attitude to life is all about.


Adventure can be small or big.

Be it getting up from the sofa and walking a 5k parkrun on a Saturday morning, or hiking the entire 33 miles of the Sandstone Way… the size of the adventure doesn’t matter, it’s the journey and the feeling while you’re doing it that is important.

So please be patient while this blog transfers over, and if you are searching for dogs, dogs and only dogs then check out the Dog menu above, or head over to DogOddity.com

DogOddity has been a huge part of my life, I’m still proud of coming up with the name, and through DogOddity I’ve had many amazing opportunities and made some fantastic connections.

But it’s time for more…

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