Dexshell Waterproof Socks

The lovely people at Dexshell
kindly sent me some waterproof socks just before Christmas.
They didn’t ask for a post or a public review or anything like that but I’m so impressed I feel like they deserve it.

I’m not quite sure how I’ve survived previous winters without them before.

I’ve done both a 13 mile run and a 13 mile walk in these socks, as well as shorter runs and walks in snow, mud and water, and they have felt lovely and kept my feet dry and warm.

When you are fully submerged in water you do feel the cold a little but I found my feet quickly warmed up again as the water drained out my shoes.

The long socks are 100% the way to go as if you get water inside your waterproof socks then your feet do end up swimming.

I’ve certainly put these through their paces this last week and I find myself putting them straight in the wash so they are ready for my next run.

Can’t see me wearing anything else for trail runs until Spring now as I do love a muddy farm field.

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