Week 6 NHS Couch to 5K… Not yet completed

If anyone is wondering where my NHS Couch to 5k plan has gone…. Well it’s currently on pause, much to my annoyance. Apologises if anyone is waiting for the next posts.

I picked up a horrible cold a few weeks ago and it is persistently staying around in the form of a runny nose and horrible dry cough. Also at the same time I’ve been out of the house more evenings than normal so missed some of my scheduled runs due to that. Last weekend I attempted a gentle run to see how it would go and my chest felt horrible & I couldn’t breath as well as normally, I only managed about 3-4minutes of running before walking.
Not good.

I’m so dissapointed as my progress was going really well and I’ve been using it as part of training for a mile uphill run I’ve entered at the end of April. [The Mow Cop Killer Mile!]

So at the moment I’m waiting to start Week 6 from the start and try to get rid of my cold to complete it. I’m worried if I don’t get it done soon I’ll have to go back to Week 5 again as you really do lose fitness if you have a long break! My friend was telling me that if he doesn’t run for 2 weeks he really struggles afterwards.

Very inconvient timing! Stupid cold. But keep watching this space, Week 6 will be coming in a week – 14 days hopefully!


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