I Forgot!

We went along to the Club Competition at Dig It last night to have a bit of fun, assess where we’re at and how ready for next weekends show we are, plus do some training in the ring.
You get 2 runs at Dig It comps and I always like to run the first one flat out for competition then use the 2nd one for NFC and train.

Well Guinness completely forgot what contacts are and what to do! He released himself on the A frame, dogwalk and seesaw without even thinking of stopping! Shocking. (If anything they were a fabulous running contacts but that’s not what we’ve trained). This dog has always had a pretty safe 2 on 2 off but obviously we both got caught up in the moment. In our NFC run he still came off the dog walk & seesaw but stopped on the A frame.

I know what we’re going to work on in training! I think we’ll be getting the targets back out too as he doesn’t drive to the end of the seesaw if I hang back and he steps off sideways if I move away to one side.

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