Running Like a Girl – Alexandra Heminsley Audiobook

I’ve just finished listening to my second audiobook, Running Like A Girl by Alexandra Heminsley after seeing a fellow blogger mention it in one of their recent posts (sorry I can’t remember the name of the blog I saw it on!).


Alexandra shares her journey from being unable to run for the duration of one song (been there done that) to completing several marathons. Her straight-talking, witty humour kept me engaged and entertained and really reminded me about the joys I used to find from running.

A few years ago I used the NHS Couch to 5k podcasts to progress from a short, painful sprint that I had been doing as my “attempt” at a run to being able to run at a comfortable pace for 5k (read the full story here). With Guinness at my side we begun to enjoy three runs a week, progressing to 30 minute runs at the end of the program. After I’d finished I kept running, a few 15-20 minute runs a week and as a consequence I found my stamina for other activities, such as cycling, improving.

Unfortunately my life became too busy and nowadays it’s not uncommon for me to spend 5 evenings a week out of the house, with barely 30 minutes spare to grab some food. I love being busy and the opportunities I have, but unfortunately my chances available to run are few and far between. I tried getting up at 6am for a morning run but honestly, that’s never going to happen.

Listening to Running Like A Girl has given me the boost to find some more time for a run and also improve my running yet again! I can’t do 30 minutes any more but I can definitely build back up to it! I love having Guinness lazily padding alongside me as I run and he pulls me along for a sprint finish at the end, really digging in and powering ahead.


Recently I went away for a week and left him with my mum. The day after I returned we went for a run. He was practically bursting with enthusiasm and jumping up at me excitedly as we walked out of the house attached together by my waist strap and his lead and harness. He was excited about going for a run! I had to quell that enthusiasm a little when he set off at a sprint rather than my casual jogging pace. “Wooahh slow down dog we’re not sprinting yet!”

Running is good for me, good for Guinness and good for our relationship together. Plus I find it’s a great stress relief at the end of the day. Sweating out the emotions and clearing my head ready for a new day.

In other news, I think audiobooks may be becoming a bit of an expensive hobby! Normally whenever I read I loan a book out of my local library (which is free of course), but although they have some audiobooks to download they don’t seem to have the titles I want, therefore I’m having to buy them! At £10 per book it’s not cheap so I’m limiting myself to 1 per month and fingers crossed Santa will bring me some audiobook credit.

In the meantime… let’s get out and hit the pavements!

Always raring to go for a run


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