Stay safe with your pets tonight


I know I’ve already blogged about bonfire night but I just really want to emphasise how important it is to look after your pets tonight, all pets, not just your dog.

If your cat is normally outside it may be worth bringing them in at night. If they are in the wrong place at the wrong time they could get spooked and end up stuck up a tree, or worst get hurt. I know it’s horrible to think about but there have been instances of people aiming fireworks at cats, or worse tying them to their tail! Absolutely awful and I wouldn’t wish it on any animal, nor the heartbreak it would cause the owner.

I’m attending a firework display on Saturday evening at local primary school which Ash helps with. Guinness will be inside with the curtains shut and music turned up loud.

I do believe that fireworks should be restricted to organised displays only. Not just to reduce the stress fireworks causes to pets but also due to how “unsafe” they are. I’ve recently seen video footage of fireworks being used as a weapon against a fireman that was doing his job and putting out a fire! It’s absolutely disgraceful and there is argument that by stopping sales to members of the public and regulating firework sales to organised displays only it would help to reduce some of the accidents caused by misuse.

Anyway, I could rant about this all day. What we can do is be there for our pets and ensure they are as safe and secure as possible. Some dogs like a den to hide in while others need a way to vent their frustration. Don’t walk your dog after dark and try not to let them out into the garden until after 11pm. If they do need to go out then supervise them closely or keep them on a lead if need be. Dogs that have never hopped their garden fence in their life can and have done when a firework has gone off too close while they were outside.

Remember… it’ll all be over after the weekend (maybe)….. until New Year!

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