Puppy passes & high fives

High five

It’s day 3 of December and I have just been giving out certificates and rosettes to all in my puppy class!

Tonight was Week 8 and the final week of puppy course for my class. All of the puppies have grown so much in two months, and not just physically but mentally too. Everyone has made great progress with their dogs and hopefully they have all taken something beneficial away from their time in the classes.

My trick of the day is High Five!

There’s something very satisfactory about sharing a high five with a dog (or maybe that’s just me being weird).

This is an extension of the give paw exercise. Once the dog is confidently giving paw gradually move your hand higher and reward when they paw it, then slowly change your hand position so that it is facing the dog and high up in a high five position.

Try to say nothing and only use the physical cue to get the paw touch, then add a “high five” command once the final behaviour is being offered.

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