A weekend full of cows, dogs and my favourite people

Do you ever wake up on Monday morning feeling like you need a day off to recover from your weekend?!

I love being busy. Weekends are my time to cram a load of stuff in that I want to do! Unfortunately that often means I feel exhausted at the end of it.

I spent Saturday at Dig It with my fellow obedience instructors making training videos for our clients.

How many cameras can you count?


Then on Saturday night I whizzed up to the farm for the first time this year to see Ash! It was so great to be back. I love the fresh air, the space, the animals, even the farm smell. Guinness always gets excited when we get there too, I feel like it’s our favourite place to be.


On Sunday we had a lovely walk around the driest fields we could find and generally had a chilled day, lazing around before I headed back to Dig It that evening.


Kathryn Stickney was at Dig It for the day providing workshops and a number of the instructors had signed up for her advanced boundary games session.

Taking the principle of crate games and now progressing them either with a crate or a bed to teach your dog to be in a boundary while lots of distracting things are happening. It’s something that Guinness really needs as he finds other dogs doing agility very exciting, to the point he will lunge and bark if I’m not keeping his brain busy while waiting for our turn.

Putting them on a bed gives them a job to do and I was impressed at how well Guinness progressed through the session, managing to keep himself on the bed and focused on me, but not demanding constant attention while other dogs were working nearby. I wasn’t using high value treats but his focus was really good and I was slowly increasing the time between reward depending on how much distraction was around.

I’ve just got to learn not to step on my camera ;).

Kathryn is a lovely person and a really great instructor. She always has an answer for you and reads the dogs really well, knowing when to push you to progress them but not rushing too fast.

All in all it was a great weekend!

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