In the vets again

This morning Guinness and I found ourselves sat in the vets waiting room, once again!
Considering this dog hates the place he seems to end up there a lot, and I’m not the kind to rush a dog to the vets over a cough.

Yesterday I took Guinness down the fields, we had a big play with his frisbee and went home again. Then later that afternoon he was on three legs! He’d been chilling and sleeping all day then got up and was hopping round with a leg in the air.

I couldn’t feel anything specific except swelling and kept him on crate rest for the evening. This morning he was no better so off we went.

I was expecting the worst. Considering Guinness hardly showed sign of his cruciate strain, for him to not even be weight bearing at all must be bad.

The vet had a good feel and Guinness was such a good boy, just standing still and hiding against the wall. She reckons he’s just strained a muscle, there doesn’t seem to be any breaks and his cruciate feels fine. She gave him an injection of metacam and we were sent home with instructions of gentle lead walks and metacam and hopefully he should start to improve this week.

Not so bad after all I suppose! Unfortunately I’m away this week so Mums on dog sitting duties. Hopefully he won’t get completely frustrated.

It’s annoying how you can have such a healthy and active dog, warm them up before a run and cool them down again afterwards yet they can still hurt themselves. I’ve seen people release their dogs straight from the car, have them chase a ball for an hour and then put them back, and I bet their dog never pulls or strains anything!

At least he’s not done too much damage, that’s the main thing. He was certainly looking a little sorry for himself and struggled to get up when he’d been lying funny. Fingers crossed we see some improvement in the next few days.

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