Bad Dog Agility Podcasts

You may already know that I quite enjoy podcasts and whenever I find something new and good I can’t wait to share it with you.

The latest podcast I wanted to shout out about is Bad Dog Agility. The podcasts are hosted by Eseban and Sarah Fernandezlopez and discuss all things agility training, competition, news and events.

I have to be in the right frame of mind and mood to listen to them as it takes a little bit of concentration, partly due to them being American. However I’m currently really enjoying their series on the three aspects of agility training; Drive, Individual Obstacle Performance and Handling.

These specific podcasts are hugely geared to beginners, as well as catering for the more experienced trainers. Sometimes I think that there isn’t enough information and resources out there for newbies so it’s great to hear these specifically talking to beginners.

There’s a little bit of waffling and elaborated points, but if you stick with it and keep listening there’s some amazing tips and information. So far I’ve listened to the introduction podcast (link here) and the first series about drive (link here) and I’ve already scribbled down so many notes and quotes. It’s nice not just to learn something new but to refresh what you already know and the talk about reward and reinforcement is especially enlightening to listen to.

You can find them in itunes or check out the website here:


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