Macclesfield Sheepdog Trials


I love watching sheepdog trials. I really enjoy seeing Border Collies doing what they have been bred to do and working in harmony with their owner, controlling the sheep with a simple stare.

Last year the international sheepdog trials were held at Macclesfield so we went along, but it wasn’t until then that we realised there are sheepdog trials held every year at Macclesfield! At only £3 per person its a great cheap day out. We arrived just before lunch time and enjoyed a lovely picnic with some friends, staying until early evening.

The brace is at lunch time and it’s lots of fun seeing a shepherd working two dogs, with each dog having its own subtly different commands. Towards the end of the afternoon there was a champ competition, with the real super stars showing off just how great they can be.

It’s well worth checking out if you’re local to the area and enjoy watching collies work a flock of sheep, just take you own chair if you want some comfy lounging.

13901364_10157311925620578_6118886533702320229_nDSC_9820 DSC_9827 DSC_9828 DSC_9838 DSC_9845 DSC_9846 DSC_9851 DSC_9855 DSC_9860 [All photographs copyright of Ruth Turner and must not be used without permission].

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