Daily Blog | Slow cookers, bird tables & home workout

I started this morning with the intention of vlogging my day. Ever since I moved to the farm I’ve being thinking about doing some daily vlogs. But then my camera battery was dead and I’m still not so sure about filming my life so instead I thought I’d do something a little bit different and blog about it. While I’m still putting my day out there on the internet for some reason I feel a lot happier with text instead of film. So maybe grab a cuppa as this is going to be a little longer than my normal posts.

Guinness woke me up at 7.30am this morning asking to go out. Instead of crawling back in to bed I decided to get up and make the most out of the day. I’ve been loving wearing leggings at the moment as they’re so warm and comfy for slobbing around in the house with my favourite Animal brand slippers on. Then I pull a pair of trousers over the top of them for walking Guinness in and they keep me so warm in the freezing cold rain/snow/windy weather we’ve been having recently.

20170212_104423 (1).jpg

My productive day didn’t last for long as I sat down with my breakfast in front of the TV to catch up on a few youtube videos… and at 10am I was still there! I’ve not really had time to watch any youtube since before Christmas and I found it really refreshing and inspiring to catch up on my favourites; Zoella, Fleur de Force & Niomi Smart so it wasn’t a massive waste of time.

Just as I was thinking about taking Guinness for a walk and doing some exercise I remembered I’d planned to do a slow cooker meal for tea so needed to get it prepped and going. Slow cooker meals are ideal for us as Ash will get in from work any time from 6pm to 8pm, so instead of then needing to cook once he gets in with the slow cooker it’s ready to serve as soon as we are. I’m currently a bit rubbish at cooking so I’ve been making them on a weekend day when Ash is working but I’m at home so that I’ve got plenty of time to get it ready. Hopefully then once I’ve had a bit of practice and we’ve found the meals we like I can get one ready in the morning before work and it’ll be done for when we both get home in the evening. So today’s choice was mustard chicken & leek, to be served with mashed potato!

At this point Ash was home from work for the morning and helped out for a little and then said we would go for a walk together.

Turns out we were going to a tree which had come down recently to pick some wood for making a bird table and bird feeding station with! An idea we’ve had for a few weeks but didn’t think we would get it done for a while. Yay!




We all picked our sticks (Guinness included) and headed back home. Ash chose a big thick branch to be the base of the bird table and I chose a thinner Y shaped branch to hang the two feeders we have on.

Next we just needed to dig a hole and bury the branches in, then Ash made the top to the table, I filled up the holders and we were all done!



Tadaa!! How ace are they! I’m so happy. I wanted to buy a normal bird table at first and then I wasn’t sure when Ash said he wanted to make one himself, but I actually love it. I love it so much more than a table, and to think it came from a tree that fell naturally on our farm just makes it so much better. The wood for the top of the table was leftover from some work we did in the house so it’s all recycled materials.

We put some food out and left the birds to get used to them being there, hopefully they will get using them soon. It’s in the perfect spot to watch from the kitchen window.

By this point it was time for a brew and some lunch and a bit of a chill in front of the tv. Then when Ash went back to work I thought I’d try out a new home workout using an app called Seven. It talks you through a 7 minute home workout with clear instructions and tracks your progress and other stuff. I’ve only just started to use it so not sure about the full potential of the app but it sounds good and the workout was great. It was kinda hard but before you know it it’s over, and if it had been easy I’d be a bit bummed as I wouldn’t feel like I was doing anything.


You can find the app here – Google Play Store  /  iTunes Store

I’ve been finding it really hard to go out for a run at the moment as it’s so cold and the track is pretty muddy, so instead I’ve been loving home workouts but I’ve just been winging it rather than having a plan or structure.

This Seven app seems perfect as it constructs the workouts and keeps track of the timings for you with handy voice instructions for when to start, what to do, when you’re nearly done, when to rest, etc. Plus everyone has seven minutes spare in the day! It’s easy to fit in to your daily routine so that is what my plan is for the future, daily workouts! Watch this space.

Tea time and the slow cooker meal was a success!! It makes me really proud to eat something really tasty with simple but good ingredients that I’ve made.

And now it’s the evening it’s just time to chill out, watching TV and twiddling around on my laptop. I’ve just done some online shopping for some new workout leggings which I’m excited to show you once they come. I never thought I’d be that person who wore leggings but honestly they are so comfy and warm. However I am not about to go walking down the high streets in a pair of slightly see-through black tights and a top, they are strictly for slobbing out/workout only.

So that’s my day done! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed hearing about it in text, please leave me a comment below if so. It’s actually been really productive what with making the bird feeding station. I’m super proud of Ash’s table, it’s so cool!! Far better than I could have imagined. And my Y shaped branch with the feeders on is so much nicer to look at than those metal stick in the ground ones. Hopefully I’ll be uploading some photos of birds using it soon!

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